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Time Code Sync Master Mini

Time Code Sync Master mini


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Time Code Sync Master mini

Quick Overview

The Microframe SMPTE Time Code Sync Master (Model D8009) is both a master smpte time-code generator and a smpte time-code display for video frame time stamping.

  • Highly accurate temperature compensated crystal controlled timing circuitry.
  • Jam Sync with each other or another SMPTE source in under a second.
  • Holds +/- 1 frame in 8 hours without resync.
  • Supports Frame rates 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97 DF and 30 frames per second.
  • Shows even and odd frames on different LED's so frame numbers never blur (patented).
  • Last up to 8 hours on 9v battery (varies with LED display usage)
  • AC adapter for "always on" applications.

Full Description Below

Code: D8009

Weight: 1.0000

NFL Field tested!
Hello, I'm a professional production sound recordist and have been using two of your sync master mini locket boxes in the field for over a year now and they have worked very well for me. Recently I used two on the Giants vs Ravens NFL game in the Metlife Stadium. I jam synced them to a Sound Devices 633 recorder/mixer. One was connected to an Arri Amira while the other worked very well for the AD, who needed to type up live transcription notes. The display is large and bright and can be left on constantly, which made it ideal for her to reference timecode while transcribing. The BNC connector has proved rugged and invaluable. The nearest competitor in this price range uses a mini-plug which can easily come unplugged during a shoot. Keep up the good work!
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