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Manufacturing and Industrial Applications

production management

Quality products bring order and efficiency to your manufacturing or industrial application. Whether you need to show tact times, time chemical baths, piece counts, days since lost time accidents machine parameters or any other critical information, Microframe has the right LED display for your task. Microframe also offers the highest quality on premise paging systems to keep you and your employees working, instead of searching for each other to find answers.



Set Descending Direction


20 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction


20 Item(s)

Stand Alone Timers

  • 100th Second Timer
  • Takt Timer
  • Count up/Count down timers
  • Time-of-day clock
  • Industrial Unit counter
  • Reloadable start time
  • 2 push button inputs
  • Programmable push button logic
  • Wireless remote control
  • Battery Backup 

Vibrating Pager Systems

Whether you need to page employees or customers, Microframe offers a complete line of vibrating pager systems.



Computer Controlled Displays

Microframe makes a complete line of computer controlled displays which easily connect to PLC's, and industrial computers to display key operational parameters.




Contact Closure Paging

Connect the Digilink transmitter to any machines contact closure alarm, to page personnel on key events.