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HIPAA Compliant Hospital Paging Systems

hospital paging systems


  • Ensures patient confidentiality and privacy
  • Saves medical staff valuable time
  • Increases overall patient flow efficiency
  • Inexpensive and reliable patient paging
  • HIPAA Compliant


The Visual-Pager confidentially pages patients by displaying their patient identification number (or any assigned number) in the waiting room. When the patient sees their number, they report to the appropriate lab or exam room. This ensures patient confidentiality by eliminating the need to audibly call a patient's name in the waiting area. The Visual-Pager improves overall patient flow efficiency and saves valuable time for medical personnel.


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Set Descending Direction


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Vibrating Pager Systems

Microframe also offers reliable vibrating pager systems for doctors offices of any size.


Visual Pagers

Visual Pagers are the most cost effective, maintenance free way to notify patients when the doctor is ready to see them.