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Model 910 Visual-PagerŪ Keypad

Model 910 Visual-PagerŪ Keypad
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Model 910 Visual-PagerŪ Keypad
Price: $249.00

Code: D0910
Weight: 4.00


Model 910 Visual-PagerŪ Keypad



The Model 910 Keypad is designed to operate in four or six-digit mode, supporting the full range of 900-Series Displays. User options include Variable Rollover Time, Automatic Delete, and Manual Advance.


Once a number is entered into the Keypad, the number is sent immediately to the Remote Display. The Keypad will store up to 32 numbers and display them sequentially until the operator deletes them. In 4-Digit mode the keypad will show numbers from 0 to 9999. This mode is compatible with 920, 930, 940, 941, and 942 Remote Displays. In 6-Digit mode the keypad will show numbers from 0 to 999999. This mode is compatible with 960 Remote Displays.


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