Childcare Checkin


Web-based Childcare Check-in System

LambsList is a web-based church nursery check-in solution designed to reduce lines at children's check-in counters, increase security by assigning random security codes to each child, and provide a tool for children's pastors to track both their flock and growth capacity. For more information about our kids check in system, click here to visit

Below are LambsList products and services available for purchase.

Code: LBLST-0001

Price: $49.00

Weight: 0

Code: LBLST-0002

Price: $500.00

Weight: 0

Code: LBLST-2001

Price: $4.99

Weight: 0.5

Code: LBLST-2002

Price: $7.99

Weight: 0.75

Code: LBLST-3001

Price: $180.00

Weight: 5

Code: LBLST-0003

Price: $0.00

Weight: 0

Code: P4400-0001

Price: $0.30

Weight: 0.01

Code: P4400-0004

Price: $185.00

Weight: 2