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Countdown Timers, Event Timers, LED Wall Clocks, Industrial Unit Counters

If you need a countdown timer or countdown clock, a special electronic event timer for a sporting event, an electronic wall clock for your business, or an electronic unit counter used during industrial manufacturing, Microframe has a high-quality, low-cost solution to meet your needs. Wired or Wireless solutions available. Common Uses Include:

  • Timer: Speaker Timer, Radio Station Timer, Debate Timer, Lecture Timer, Toastmaster Timer, Speech Timer, Sporting Event Timer, Electronic Timer
  • Clock: Electronic LED Wall Clock, Large LED Clock, Day Countdown Clock

  • Code: D6320

    Price: $248.00

    Weight: 4.83

    Code: D6320XXXK

    Price: $348.00

    Weight: 5.12

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    Code: D6520

    Price: $299.00

    Weight: 4.22

    Code: D6530

    Price: $349.00

    Weight: 4.86

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    Code: 62104

    Price: $638.00

    Weight: 10.12

    Code: 62106

    Price: $718.00

    Weight: 11.92

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