Church and Ministry products and Services

For over 20 years Microframe has been providing innovative church and ministry products. We now provide: Visual and vibrating pagers for paging parents, A secure web based child check-in system called Lambslist, Timers clocks and counters for monitoring service times , Stop light indicators for alerting teachers and several other creative solutions. Order online, or give us a call, we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Code: D453A

Price: $399.00

Weight: 5

Code: D4520

Price: $299.00

Weight: 4.22

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Code: LBLST-0001

Price: $49.00

Weight: 0

Code: LBLST-0002

Price: $500.00

Weight: 0

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Code: D6340

Price: $348.00

Weight: 6.08

Code: D0940TC

Price: $269.00

Weight: 4.05

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